DJ Products Engineering Solutions company was established in 2005. Our headquarters is based in Potęgowo in the northern part of Poland. This facility was raised with precision metal treatment in mind. The company works on high level machinery die-sink and wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machines of brands such as Agie Charmilles and Fanuc.

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From the early beginning our main goal was the highest precision and quality of details possible to achieve. This attitude in 2011 gained us opinion of solid and trusted collaborator throughout European market partners. We do finalize projects for variety of industry branches, including automotive and aerial orders. Modern machinery park, newest technological solutions and tools, enable us creating specified parts with precision up to 2 microns (0,002 mm). This unusual capacity, composed with highly qualified personnel, grounded experience and standards, makes us dare new demanding tasks without any doubts. In 2011, according dynamic development of the company, our strategy evolved - based on functioning of DJ Products Engineering Solutions in direct vicinity to our key partners. On 15th of July 2011 the other facility was opened in Wałbrzych, in Walbrzysk’s Special Economic Zone. Tightening cooperation connections with automotive manufacturers had crucial influence on placing the new facility, where we focus on designing and creating advanced works stands considering industrial automation and robotics


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