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Data about the object:

Location: Potęgowo on the main S6 route

Construction year - 2013

1. Area of ​​the plot - 10,900 m2

2. The total area of ​​the object - 1,137 m2 (office and social part is 397 m2, the production part is 740 m2)

- dimensions of the object: 32 x 38 meters

- object height: 6.15 meters

- storey height: office space - 3.00 meters, production rooms from 3.20 to 5.41 meters

Office and sanitary facilities prepared for 28 office and 20 production employees.

3. A surface paved with a cube outside the building - 820 m2

4. The remaining part of the area, about 8900 m2, is managed by greenery

5. Floor in the production part: concrete industrial floor with a thickness of 20 cm

6. Type of heating:

- heating with gas radiators in the production part

- in the office part, radiator water heating (gas furnace)

The average annual cost of gas purchase is about PLN 15,000

7. Air conditioning throughout the office.

8. Compressor and Compressed air installation in the production part

9. Media: electricity, water, city sewerage.

10. The whole object, including the illuminated paved part.

11. Inside and outside monitoring 24 hours

12. Office part. Designed and finished under the so-called key.

The building is ready for further expansion, 1000 m2 to the side of the building. 1000 m2 to the side (L-shaped) of the production hall. Which is together with the existing building over 3140 m2.


Selling price: 784.000 euro


Rent price: 6.000 euro





logotypy Wzor-na-strone

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