Automation of production at our company

We started to work on the robotic station for volume production based on the two Fanuc Robodrill Alfa-D21LiA machines and Fanuc M-20 industrial robot.

The planned implementation of new solutions is predicted at the end of September 2014.



Order on vertical machining center from Richo

We placed an order on vertical machining center Richo ER-VMC 1263A. It's very precise, based on servo motors and control of the Japanese company Fanuc, rigid, 10-tone construction, with an ​​1450 x 600mm table area.




Changing our department location

The dynamic growth of our business meant that our offices and hall in Wałbrzych stopped to be enough for us.

We decided to move our department from Wałbrzych to Świebodzice.

The new address of the branch Wałbrzych:

58-160 Świebodzice, Piłsudskiego street 31c
T / F +48 74 665 81 05
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the new location we have 350 mavailable.

You can see the pictures of our moved departnent below:

swiebodzice biuro

swiebodzice hala


Order on CNC hight speed turning center

We placed an order for delivery of a high speed CNC turning center with numeric controlling - Goodway GLS-1500L.


After delivery we put corresponding entry in our machinery park section.


Order on wire EDM (WEDM) machining center Robocut

We palced an order for a second, larger, wire EDM (WEDM) electric discharge machining center FANUC Robocut C600iA/5/A/ WF.

You can see a video of the machine during WEDM and other operations below:



Order for measurement laboratory

We placed an order for delivery of new devices to our measurment laboratory: INSIZE VISION ISD-3020.KPL, portable roughness gauge TESA RUGOSURF 20, durometer PHA LEEBA with PROMO printer.

All of these machines can be viewed in measurment devices section.

Order on vertical machining center

We placed and order for the delivery of vertical machining center Robodrill Alfa D21LiA.

FANUC Robodrill Alfa-D21LiA5

New machines at DJ Products

We have installed and launched modern CNC machines in the hall of the building in Potęgowo. We use them for:

- Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM),

- Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM).

Due to the fact that our company makes every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we had focused on equipment from renowned manufacturers:


FANUC (vertical machining center, wire-cut electric discharge machine),

ag logo

AG Charmilles (electric discharge machine)


and Sunmill (vertical machining center).

Moving to a new headquaters

Moving to the newly built headquarters. The new address of the Company: DJ Products engineering solutions Sp.zo.o., 76-230 Potęgowo, Przemysłowa street no. 7.

Converting part of an organized enterprise

 Converting part of an organized enterprise DJ Products engineering solutions Sp.zo.o. with registered capital of PLN 6,732,000.00

The completion of the production hall in Potęgowie

This week has been completed the construction of our new production hall in Potegowie, near Lebork.

hala potegowo

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logotypy Wzor-na-strone

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